Getting Started: Linking MagManager to Xero

MagManager has a full partnership agreement with Xero, allowing you to sync your financial data from MagManager to Xero. 

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Setting up MagManager to Link to Xero

NOTE: Before you start invoicing, please contact us with the invoice number of the next invoice to be raised, and we will set up MagManager to start at this number.

EXISTING MAGMANGER USERS NOTE: MagManager links to Xero clients on company name, so it is important that the company names in the two systems match exactly. If you would like to send us a list of the company names you have in Xero, we can compare them to the names you have in MagManager and let you know which match and which don’t.  


1. Go to the Main Settings screen > Under Settings > Select System Defaults

By Accounts Package, select ‘Xero’

Set the switch to ‘Link to Xero’

Optional: Set the switch to 'Keep Xero Contacts Synced'- (if you do this, then the version of the client details you have in MagManager will always be written to Xero. If you update information in Xero but not in MagManager, then the MagManager version will be copied to Xero again. To avoid MagManager over-riding the changes you make to your clients in Xero, switch this off.)

Click Update.


2. Sync Account Details & Importing Customers

Go to the Main Settings screen > Under Accounts > Select Xero > If you see the button "Connect to Xero" click this and enter your Xero login details. You only need to do this the first time you connect to Xero.

You will see options to do the following actions:

When you first set up with Xero you need to click the following:

  • Sync Accounts
  • Sync Inventory
  • Sync Tax Rates

Importing Customers

Note: Your customer data in Xero must include the company name, first name, last name, address & postcode.  If any fields are blank those clients will NOT be imported to MagManager.

We recommend you check your client data in Xero prior to import, the screenshoot below shows the steps to export your clients > Select Contacts > Select Customers > Select menu icon > Click Export.

2023-11-17 16 12 23 export customers from Xero.png

If you wish to import the customers in your Xero account into MagManager click

  • Import Customers

NOTE: If you have an Account contact set up for a client in MagManager their email address will sync to Xero, if not then the Primary contact's email will be populated in the Email field in Xero.


3. Updating your Tax Settings

Go to the main settings page > Under Accounts  > Select Company Details.

The tax options available to you here have been updated to reflect your Xero tax settings. You can now complete the Tax & VAT details.

4. Give Access to Xero to your Users

Go to the main settings page > Under Admin > Select Users

Select a user and enable ‘Can Use Xero’ if you want them to be able to use Xero. They also need an active login for the Xero account. See below for the permissions they will need in Xero.

5. Setting up Xero Account Codes (Optional)

If you wish to use your Xero account codes in MagManager, go to Settings > System Defaults and switch the “Use Account Codes” toggle on.

Go to Settings > Publications, click on each of your publications, and go to the Defaults tab. You will now have the option to choose from a drop-down menu next to Account Code next to the Publication Name - these correspond to the Accounts codes (or nominal codes) in Xero.

Next to each of the advert sizes you can also select from a drop-down menu for the Xero Inventory codes if you have these set up in Xero.

You should also set up accounting codes for your Miscellaneous items by going to Settings > Publications & Bookings > Miscellaneous Sales Items.

Click the name of the item, and enter the Account Code &  Inventory Code  from the drop-down menus. Click Save.

Failure to set up account codes for misc items will result in invoices NOT transferring to Xero.


Transferring Invoices from MagManager to Xero

There are 2 methods to link Invoicing, via the Client screen or from the Invoice screen. 

See fuller notes here: invoicing in MagManager when using Xero.

1. Raising individual invoices on the client screen.

If you are to raise individual invoices on the Client Record (Client Record > Financial tab> Create invoice tab) these invoices will be imported directly into Xero straight away.

2. Raising batch invoices

If you are raising a batch of invoices, go to the Invoicing screen, and create your invoices in the usual way. 

After raising your invoices, go to Invoicing > Invoiced tab and click on the invoices by date tab. Select the current month in the side bar (or the month in which you raised the invoices you wish to transfer). 

If the "Connect to Xero" button appears, this means you are not yet connected and you should click this.

By default, all invoices in the current list will be selected- you can remove individual items by unselecting them. When you are ready, click Transfer to Xero.

MagManager will ask you to link to your Xero account and request how you would like these invoices to be imported ‘Draft, Awaiting Approval, Approved’. This batch of invoices will then automatically appear in Xero. 

NOTE: If you choose to transfer your invoices to Xero as “draft”, you will have the chance to check them again in Xero.

NOTE: New and updated Client information will automatically update in Xero.

3. Invoices not transferring to Xero 

If you have an issue with an invoice not transferring to Xero,  it's usally one of three things, click the link below for more details:

Invoice not transferring to Xero


Syncing information between MagManager and Xero

Updating Invoice paid status

When an Invoice is marked as paid in full in Xero, it will automatically be updated as paid in MagManager - provided a user with access to Xero has logged into MagManager. 

NOTE: If you have non Xero users in your MagManager account.  An admin will need to click the Update Invoice Paid Status button at least once every 30 days in order for the paid status of invoices to update in MagManager for the non Xero users. 

Payments outside 30 days will not update via this button, an admin user would need to open the client's invoice tab in order for the paid status to update.

Go to the main settings page > Under Accounts > Select Xero > Click Update Invoice Paid Status (Last 30 days).

If they do not do this, the invoice will show as unpaid for the non xero user and will only update to paid when a xero user opens the client's invoice tab as the API will always check the invoices regardless of how long ago it was paid/updated.

NOTE: Part-payments made in Xero will NOT show in MagManager, the invoice will remain as unpaid untill the balance is paid in full.


Syncing Client Contact Details

You can choose whether or not client contact details updated in MagManager are also updated in Xero. 

Go to Settings (gear icon on top-right of the page) > Settings > System Defaults.

When you have "Accounts Package" set to Xero, there will be a switch option for "Keep Xero Contacts Synced". If this switch is on (green), then clients details from MagManager will always be Synced to Xero (this means that even if you change the client details in Xero, they will be changed back to the MagManager version if you don't also change them in MagManager.) If you do not want this, switch off "Keep Xero Contacts Synced".


Deleting Invoices

If you need to amend an unpaid invoice, you should amend it in MagManager and the amendment will be synced to Xero. 

If you cancel an invoice in MagManager it will void the corresponding invoice in Xero. If you delete an unpaid invoice in Xero, it will be deleted in MagManager.


Permissions needed in Xero for MagManager link

Here are the minimum permissions in Xero that a user needs to have to be able to use Xero and MagManager.



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