Invoicing Twice per Issue

Note: If you are moving over to a bi-monthly publication, contact us so that we can help you set this up.

If you have a bi-monthly publication, you may wish to invoice twice per issue (ie, monthly). Firstly, a client needs to be set up for an Invoice Period of “twice per issue”.
1. Switch on Twice per Issue invoicing 
Go to Settings, System Defaults, and look under “Site Defaults”. 
Switch on both "Use Invoice Periods" and "Create 2 Invoice Lines per Item for Bi-Monthly Publications" -click Update to finish.
2. Set up Twice per Issue invoicing for the clients who want it. 
 Go to the Details tab of the selected Client. Select "Twice per Issue" from the drop-down next to "Invoice Period".

NOTE: If you want all clients to be invoiced twice per issue, you can change the invoice period default setting by going to Settings > Publications and clicking on the publication you want. Next click on the Defaults tab, and near the top select "twice per issue" next to Invoice Period.



3. Producing Twice per Issue Invoices from the Invoicing Screen

Batch invoicing is carried out by going to the Invoice screen.

Under the To Invoice tab, go to the “twice per issue” tab. This shows the clients who will receive two invoices for the selected issue. If the amount box is highlighted red, this means that the first invoice out of the two will be generated. 

When the first invoice has been created, the Amount box turns green. The green box indicates that the current invoice will be the second of the two invoices.

4. Producing twice per issue invoices on a client

On the client Financial tab, select Create Invoice and select the bookings you wish to invoice. The amount column will show red if this will be the first of the two bookings, and green if the second.

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