Renaming adverts using internationalise

If you wish to change the way the name of an advert is displayed in MagManager, you can do this by going to the main settings page > Under Settings > Select Internationalise > Select Content tab.

Enter the new display name of the advert is the second column, eg to rename sixth of page to Square, you would enter 'Square' in the text box >  Click Save to finish.

Examples could include:

  •        Renaming sixth of page “square”
  •        Renaming sixth page banner “front page banner”
  •        Renaming sixteenth page “directory listing”.

NOTE: When you rename an advert size using Internationalise, all previous bookings will also be renamed (although invoices already raised will not change).

ALSO - The home page calculations are based on the default advert size, so if you change the name to reflect a different size of advert, the home page calculations will be incorrect.  This would also affect AutoPublish as the space may not match your artwork size.

In Internationalsie you can also change settings such as currency, time zone, date format and the way content is displayed.

NOTE: Make sure that the advert size you have renamed is enabled when you set up your publication defaults. (System Settings > Under Publications & Bookings > Select Publications > Click your publication name > Click Defaults tab > The toggle switch should be green to indicate an advert size is on. 



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