Using Sections in the Flat Plan

In MagManager, assigning Sections to your clients allows you to classify the type of business or organisation your clients belong to. It is also possible to set up Categories as sub-divisions of Sections. Setting up sections and categories make it possible to filter clients.

Each Section can be assigned a colour, which can optionally be used in the flat plan to let you quickly locate the bookings in that section. See this article on Assigning a Section or Category to a Client.

The screen shot below shows a flat plan where a section has been created for in-house content (blue).

By default, the colour coding on the flat plan belongs to the artwork statuses. If you toggle on “Show Sections” at the top-left of the flat plan, you will see the colour coding belong to the sections. 

For section colours to show in the flat plan, “Show Sections” needs to be switched on in the left column. Sections will be shown by default if you switch on  “Show Sections by Default” by going to System Defaults in Settings.

NOTE: If "Show Sections" is selected, then the colours shown will either be your custom section colours, or the default  Artwork Status colours. 


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