Page Backgrounds

Master pages are great when you need to reuse backgrounds on lots of pages, but sometimes you just need to stick some background artwork on a page as a one off. 
MagManager allows you to add a full page artwork as a background image on a page. You can then place adverts straight over the top of it. The adverts will always appear in the foreground.
Important Note:  Adding a Page Background will add a page to your 'Other Content' figures on the main dashboard - meaning the 'Available Pages' figure will be 1 page lower than it actually is.
Ensure you have Page Backgrounds switched on:
Click on the gear icon top right of screen > Under Publications & Booking heading select Publications > Click Magazine Name > Click Defaults Tab > locate Page Backgrounds, click the toggle switch to turn it green > Click Update.
Adding a Page Background:
On the left hand side of your flat plan click on ‘Page Background’, then simply drag ‘New Content’ onto the desired page and upload the artwork as normal.
Screenshot_2020-09-22_111513_page_background.png                           Screenshot_2020-09-23_110258_page_background.png
You will notice that you can see through a page background on the flat plan (the grid lines still appear). Now, drag adverts or content over and place on top of the page background. 
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