The Sales Screen

The sales screen provides an overview of the daily sales figures for the publications and issues selected from the sidebar.

By default the Sales screen will show the total sales for Everyone for the current month, (unless the user selling into fields are set up see below).  When set up the sales for the active user will be shown by default.


Viewing Sales Figures

To view the sales for everyone or a specific user > Click the avatar and a pop up will appear listing each user on the account > Click the individual user avatar to see their sales.


2023-12-27 16 15 42 Sales users.png

The total sales for the day are listed in pink with the subtotal for each publication listed in purple. 

If there are more publications indicated by '+3 more'.  Click the '+3 more' link to view in full.

Clicking the Total Sales or individual issue boxes will display a list of the clients and bookings that make up that total.


Changing Sales View - Month, Week & Day

You can switch the view between month, week, and day by clicking the buttons top-right of the screen. And move the month on view forward or backward by clicking the < & > buttons to the top left of the screen.

2023-12-27 15 49 11 sales month week day.png


Selling Into User Settings

If you have a salesperson and you would like to view their individual sales figures, you need to ensure the Selling Into' field is set up in their user settings. 

To set up the selling into field go to > System Settings > Under Admin > Select Users > Select each user in turn > Click the Selling In field and choose the publication(s) they sell into from the list > Click Update.


View Sales User Settings

Also in user settings, the Manage Bookings section will determine if a non-admin user can see their own sales or everyone’s sales.


The Sales Screen - List View

2024-01-22 16 46 42 Sales List View.png


Bookings Tab

Displays the bookings for the selected user or everyday based on the selected date range and the publications and issues selected in the side bar.


The example below shows todays bookings for 2 publications in the Mar/Apr 2024 issue.  The totals across the bottom display the total pages booked, the value and the average revenue per page 2024-02-21 12 27 48 Sales Bookings.png


Sales So Far Tab

The Sales So Far tab displays the total sales booked by each user during the selected date range and includes details on:

The number of pages sold
The total value of sales
The number of orders
The average value per page booked
Te average value per order 

2024-02-21 13 51 38 Sales Sale So Far.png


Pages Sold

The Pages Sold tab displays the same sales data as the Sales So Far tab and in addition breaks down the users sales by publication.

2024-02-22 18 34 08 Pages Sold.png

Average Value

The Average Value tab displays the same sales data as the Sales So Far tab and in addition breaks down the sales by week for each user

2024-02-22 18 43 47 sales average value.png


The Sales Screen - Calendar View

To switch back to calendar view click the Calendar View button top right of the screen.

2024-02-22 19 00 33 calendar view.png

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