Multiple Booking Confirmation & Provisional Booking Email Templates


Provisional Bookings

You can now send a quote to a client based on a Provisional Booking in the same way you send a Booking Confirmation.  A Provisional Booking template can be found in your Document Templates ready to edit.


Multiple Email Templates
For Booking Confirmations & Provisional Bookings

MagManager now supports multiple Booking Confirmation & multiple Provisional Booking email templates.  From the client booking page a pop up will appear after you select 'Save & Email' or 'Send Email' (provided you have two or more templates set up).  You simply choose which template you wish to use from the dropdown menu.


How to Set up an Additional Confirmation Email Template

Click gear icon top right of screen > Under Admin select Document Templates >

(If you wish to duplicate an existing template, take a note of its name, so you can choose it from the dropdown list)

> Click the green New Document button, top right of screen > Select Email Document > Select Booking >Select the email document you wish to copy - a copy of that document will be created ready to edit or if you prefer select Create New Document and create the document from scratch.



Edit the email document:
Title - Give the new document a title eg 'Booking Conf XYZ Mag'.
To - Select Primary Contact Email from the search tokens.
Attachments - If required choose your terms & conditions from the drop down box (provided you have then uploaded attachements in MagManager).
Subject - Enter your text in the Subject field eg 'Booking Confirmation'.
Content - Paste the text you previously copied into the text editor and edit to suit your requirements > Save.



The new document will appear under the 'My Documents' tab,  



You need to indicate whether the new document template relates to a Booking Confirmation or a Provisonal Booking. Locate the relevant heading and click the red X which changes it to a green tick.  When you refresh the page, the document will now appear under the 'System Documents' tab.


That's the template set up and ready to use.



How to Send a Booking Confirmation or Provisional Booking Email When Multiple Templates are Available

From the client booking screen the following pop up will appear when you click on 'Save and Email' or 'Send Email' > Select which template you wish to use from the dropdown menu and click select > The email preview screen will open up ready to send the email as normal.

Note: The pop up with the dropdown box will only appear if you have multiple Booking Confirmation or multiple Provisional Booking email templates set up.  Otherwise the email preview screen will open using the existing template by default.



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