Ad Blockers

Ad blockers, web browser extensions & security apps can generally cause issues in the following places, below as some examples:

1 - When placing artwork on the flatplan

2 - When trying to upload artwork

3 - When adding a new advert to a booking  - You'll find that the pink advert space does not appear.  The example below on the left is how it should appear, and the right shows the blank space, which is how it appears when ad blockers stop the data appearing.


4 - On the content screen - no client data lines will be displayed, only the showing and entries number will be showing at the bottom.



5 - Digital Flipbook - When clicking the Preview button, the flipbook does not open up in a new tab.  Depending on your web browser you may see a little blocked icon appear to the far right of the browser address bar, which you can click on to reset.


6 - When you select 'preview with trim' from the flatplan layout screen and autopublish.  Ad blockers can  prevent the the file opening on screen.


7 - The error message 'Please correct the errors in your booking' appears at the top of the screen, when trying to save a new booking or update an existing booking.


It's generally a device specific problem.  To try and isolate the issue try opening MagManager using a different web browser and see if that make any difference, if not try opening MagManager on another device and see if that make any difference, if you still have issues follow the steps below.


How to Solve the problem

1 Check for Ad Blockers

You need to ensure that no ad blockers are operating when you are using MagManager. These notes explain the process for Chrome, it will be similar for other browsers.

NOTE: Do not use Firefox browser with MagManager as it does not support the advanced features we use.

If you use Chrome browser, Open MagManager and click on the padlock next to the url. Here you can click on Site settings.


Make sure Pop-Ups & Redirects and Ads are allowed for this site (it doesn’t affect other sites)


After doing this, reload the webpage and see if it resolves the issue.  If not reboot the computer and check again.


2 - Check for browser extensions

If allowing pop ups as described above doesn't solve the issue,  you will also need to check for browser extensions that include ad-blockers. On Chrome browser, click on the three vertical dots at the top-right of the browser.


Next click on Extensions then Manage Extensions.

This will show extensions you have set up - check through all the chrome extension you have installed to see whether you have any ad-blocker extensions.

One example is AdBlock which looks like this, you'll want to turn this off, by clicking the toggle switch bottom right:



3 - Turn off ALL browser extensions

If you have a number of browser extension you may have to turn them off and turn them back on one by one to find out which one is causing the problem.

Other extensions that have caused issues for some users:
Adobe Acrobat PDF Edit Convert Sign Tool 
Malwarebytes Browser Guard
- Try turning these off


4 - Check your version of Chrome




If it needs updating it will do this automatically - once complete click 'Relaunch'.


5 - Check your PC Security
You may also need to check the settings of your PC security set up as anti-virus software can also act as ad-blockers.  You may need to turn this off.


6 - Clear the cache on Google Chrome:


Step 1: Launch Google Chrome > Click the Chrome menu icon represented by three horizontal bars in the top-right corner of screen > Click Settings near the bottom of the drop-down menu.



Step 2: Click the link for Privacy and Security in the left sidebar > Look for the Clear browsing data option > Click it, and make sure the box for cached images and files is checked > You can uncheck the other boxes for browsing history or cookies and other site data if you only want to clear the cache > Click Clear Data.

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