The subscribers module of MagManager is a simple database to store a list of contact details of free subscribers to your magazine.  It does not handle paid subscriptions.


This video provides an overview of the subscribers screen in MagManager with details of how to add new subscribers and how to set up subscriber flags.


Please contact to have subscribers switched on for your account.

How to Add New Subscribers

Once switched on > Click Subscribers on the top navigation bar.

2024-01-05 10 40 38 Subscribers.png

To add a new subscriber click the green New Subscriber button - top right of screen.

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Enter subscriber details > Click Create


How to Export Data

You can export subscriber data via the print icon button in the top navigation bar - PDF, excel, CSV or Dymo Label.

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How to Email Subscribers

You can email subscirbers by selecting the check box for each client and clicking the Email x Subscribers button - top right of the screen

2024-01-05 10 48 22 Subscribers Email.png


Choose an existing email document template or create a new one

Edit the document > Click Preview and Send.

Click here for more details on setting up document templates

Setting up Subscriber Flags

Click the gear icon top right of screen > Under Subscribers select Flags. 2024-01-05 10 36 32 Subscriber flags.png

Click the green New Flag button to set up a new flag.

2024-01-05 10 38 33 Subscriber new flag.png

Add a name for the flag, an optional description, choose an icon and a colour.  Ensure enabled is switched on and click save.



When you view a subscriber's record all available flags will display when you click in the field next to flags.


For more details on how to use flags within MagManager:

Click here to see the notes on Using Company Flags

How to Import Subscribers

Subscribers can be imported to MagManager using the spreadsheet in the link at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: The required fields are Address1, TownCity, County/State, Postcode, Firstname & Surname, Format and Opted.

The Format field should contain either 'Digital, Print or Unspecified'.
The Opted field should be set to 'in' to allow you to email subscribers.

Imported subscribers are automatically subscribed to ALL publications. Individual subscriber records would need to be updated to change this.


From the main settings page > Under Subscribers > Select Import > Drag & Drop the file or click to select your import file > Click the blue Import x of x subscribers button.

If sucessful 'Customers Imported' will appear across the top of the screen with a green ticket in the Import column.


To View the imported Subscribers

Click Subscribers on the top navigation bar > Click their name to open their record.  From here you can update the client record and delete it.


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