National Advertising Account Settings

1 - How to Update Your National Advertising Account Settings

2 - How To Upload a PDF for NON AutoPublish Users.

3 - National Advertising Listing View

4 - About National Advertising




1 - How to Update Your National Advertising Account Settings


To access the National Advertings Settings > Click the gear icon top right of the screen > Under Publications & Bookings select National Advertising > The screen below will appear



You need to enter your default prices for a full page, half page, double page & quarter page if you do not have them set up already.  If you do have them set up the prices will be displayed under Rate Card. 

To edit prices already set up > Click the gear icon top right of the screen > Under Publications & Bookings select Publications > Click publication name > Click the default tab > Update prices and Save.

Select the Format from the dropdown box - If some of your publications are digital editions, select 'Digital' as the format. They won't be offered to National Advertisers.

Add your distribution number - If your distribution is bi-monthly, enter the total number of copies that are distributed over the 2 month period.

Enter the first part of the postcodes the publication covers.  For national publications select National.

Enter an amount in the discount percent.  It can be as low as zero if you don't want to discount or as high as you wish.

Select the preview issue from the dropdown box - this is the digital issue that will be shown to the advertisers. If it is left blank, we will try to find one in MagManager automatically for you.




If you use AutoPublish the preview will automatically pick up the link to your digital flipbook.  If you do not use AutoPublish see below for steps to upload a PDF.


2 - How To Upload a PDF for NON AutoPublish Users.

Click Publications on the top navigation bar > Select the publication & issue you want to upload a PDF for > From the flatplan overview screen, check the page numbers in the publication match the page count of the PDF that you are uploading.


If you need to add or remove pages do this by clicking on 'Add / Remove Pages' on the left sidebar. Either drag & drop the new pages onto the flatplan or drag & drop the pages from the flatplan into the bin > Click save changes.


From the flatplan overview select 'Auto Publish Options' then select Upload Pdf.



From here, upload the pdf version of your publication.


Next, you’ll see this screen whilst your file is being uploaded:


Depending on how big your file is, this may take a while, so leave this window open until it’s been fully uploaded. It look almost 2 minutes for a 48 page magazine to upload.


3 - National Advertising Listing View

The image below shows how your listing will be displayed for potential national advertisers to view your publications.  When you create your Publication via AutoPublish or upload a PDF your listing will contain an image of the front page which links directly to the digital flipbook of your publication.



4 - About National Advertising

We have been approached by a media company who would like to book National advertising across titles from all UK MagManager customers. This represents a fabulous opportunity for all of our customers to gain additional revenue with virtually zero sales effort.
Why have they approached MagManager?
Our contacts have identified several examples where they were trying to arrange a campaign in community magazines at the request of well-known national brands, but it proved almost impossible as the market fragmentation is too challenging. MagManager customers collectively solve this problem by bringing over 1,000 titles into a single point of contact. The National Advertisers identified have a spend of between £5k and £100k a month each.
How might this work?
A national advertiser will either be looking to advertise across the country or in a region. They will approach us, and we will be able to give them details of publications in their desired area, the distribution and the total costs for advertising in all of the titles. If you use auto-publish we’ll also be able to provide them with links to digital editions of your magazine.
If the advertiser decides to proceed, MagManager will be able to create a booking in your publication and provide you with complete artwork that you can place directly on your flatplan.
How will I get paid?
You will then raise an Invoice to MagManager for the advertising, and MagManager will pay your invoice.
How do I sign up?
So that we can give potential advertisers the best possible information about what they are buying, we will only be able to include MagManager customers who have provided the following information:

  • Postcode areas covered by each of their publications
  • The number of magazines distributed for each publication
  • A discount they are prepared to offer a national advertiser (This can be 0%!!)

Once we’ve got that information, we’ll be able to include you in the list of potential publishers.
What do I need to do?
We’ve added a dedicated page in MagManager for you to easily fill this information in. Just go to Settings->National Advertising and complete your details.
When can I get an advert in my publication?
We obviously can’t sell any advertising without your help and we’re still working through all of the detail with potential customers and getting all the paperwork in place to make this happen.  There will be some extra terms and conditions that we’ll need to work through with you too. We’d anticipate this taking a few weeks yet.
What if I don’t want to take an advert from the national advertiser?
There are numerous reasons why you may not want to publish an advert from a particular company, and we will always respect this. If you are offered a booking from a national advertiser, you will be under no obligation to accept it. just as with any other advertising in your magazines.
I’m not interested
That is absolutely fine.  If you don’t want to be included, just don’t fill the details from the National Advertising page and we absolutely won’t include your publications.
Auto Publish
If you Auto Publish your magazine you will be at an advantage as the National Advertiser will be able to view and see the digital edition of your magazine. If you don’t Auto Publish now is the time to get this set up, this might make the difference of choosing your magazine to advertise in over a competitor’s magazine in your area.
What’s the Potential?
We think the approaches we’ve had so far are the tip of the iceberg. If you were to get just 1 national advertiser per issue, it would almost certainly cover your MagManager subscription, but we think the potential for additional revenue for each of our customers is enormous.

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