MagManager Expert Session 28 Oct 2021 - Mailshots

This video covers setting up mailshots including:

  • Setting up the client portal
  • Creating a new mailshot Searching for clients
  • Creating your own client list to send the mailshot to.


Video Timestamps:

00.35 Portal Settings

00.50 Customise portal settnigs

02.16 Create new document template

04.58 Using email tokens

06.35 Creating an unsubscribe link

07.53 Mailshot - client search

13.05 Client Screen - search using flags - creating a new client list

14.16 Client Screen - search using All tab and search box - adding clients to existing list

14.56 Client Screen - categories serach - adding clients to existing list

16.04 Client Screen - Last booking search - adding cliens to existing list

16.57 Client Screen - removing clients from a list

17.12 Creating a mailshot from a client list 


Futher information on the areas covered can be found in the links below:

Adding an unsubscribe link to a mailshot

Mailshots in MagManager

Using the clients screen


There's more to the client portal than the email consent preferences.  To find out more about using it to allow clients to supply and approve their artwork click here


MagManager Marketing Email Tips and Examples

Email remains the most effective way to not only sell advertising to your prospects, but engage, and support them. 

Here are some tips you can implement in your next email shot via MagManager.


The key is the SUBJECT LINE. 

Every successful email subject line falls under one of four categories: 

  1. Curiosity 
  2. Benefit
  3. Scarcity
  4. Results

Let’s look at each one in detail:

  1. Curiosity

These subject lines get the email opened by making the reader curious. They are based on mystery and leave the reader wanting more. 

Here are some examples of ‘Curiosity’ subject lines that we’ve used in the past: 

  • Getting low on leads 
  • Booking for (client name)
  • Was this you [FIRSTNAME]? 
  • You’re busy so I will be quick


  1. Benefit

These subject lines get straight to the point. They outline the benefits of what you’re offering right in the subject line.

  • Get your advert in front of 10,000 readers 
  • How to make sure your advert stands out from the crowd
  • How to get more local leads

See how the subject lines are very different to the ‘Curiosity’ based ones. They are clear, to the point and tell you exactly what you’re going to find within the email.


  1. Scarcity

These subject lines are mainly used for sales messages and launches. They convey urgency and the fact that the reader might miss out on something soon.

  • Copy deadline is tomorrow
  • Last Chance to book in our Christmas Issue
  • Deadline: 5:00pm
  • You’re about to miss out [FIRSTNAME]…


  1. Results

These subject lines use proof, quotes and case studies to build credibility and get your email opened.

Here are some examples of ‘Results’ subject lines that work for us: 

  • £5,500 booking from one advert in your magazine
  • Advertiser receives over 22 Leads from our Magazine 
  • We had 20,101 facebook likes from your readers

All of these subject lines use very specific numbers. That’s the key to their success – the numbers are real – do not round up.

If you want your emails to get opened then build your subject line around one of these four categories.


BONUS: If you can merge your recipient’s name into the subject line you’ll see a huge boost in open rates. 


  • This is for you [FIRSTNAME]…

Our eyes are naturally drawn to our name when we see it, so by including it in your subject line you’ll draw more attention.


The ‘second’ Subject Line 


What we’re talking about here is the often forgotten ‘second’ subject line. 

When you look at your inbox you’ll see just three things in each email. 

  1. From Name 
  2. Subject Line 
  3. Second Subject Line ← or ‘preview’ 

The Second Subject Line is the preview of the first few sentences of your email.

The subject line is critical to getting your email opened, and yet, so many people just ignore what they use in their emails. 

So let’s look at some good examples of second subject:

‘Hi Mandy, just checking you have seen the email below:’

‘Hi Mandy, This is your last chance to book in our Christmas Issue’

Hi Mandy, We have ONLY 2 slots left for our leaflet distribution’


Timing – When to send your email?

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? 

If you’re like 49% of people, you grab your phone and begin the daily ritual of deleting all the spam emails from your inbox.

There’s a simple way to avoid your messages being purged, deleted and unread.

Send them later in the day!


Send your emails later in the morning when people are out of bed and in the office or send them in the afternoon.

REMEMBER: all markets and audiences are different, so the best thing to do is to test what time of day your email list responds to best.


Letting customers opt out

Customers have the right to stop their information being used for direct marketing.

You must make it easy to opt out – always include an ‘unsubscribe’ link.


Some Examples

Example 1:

Good morning (Primary Contact First Name),

Copy deadline is coming this Monday for the next set of (magazine names).

If you would like your advert in appear in these magazines, XXXX copies posted through the readers letterboxes this (months )  then please book now.

Feature sections:


Many thanks,




Example 2:

FAO (Primary Contact First Name),

xxx copies of the (mag names) will be going through resident doors throughout (issues) – many people have been squirrelling away money and will want to spend it on YOUR goods or services.

Make sure you are SEEN

If you are ALREADY a REGULAR advertiser and booked in – Is your advert the best it can be? We offer a FREE artwork and graphic design service so NOW is the time to make sure your message is right.

Copy deadline is only two weeks away, its going to be busy so please get in touch.

We’re here to help.





Example 3:

Advertiser receives over 22 Leads from our Magazine Name

Jonathan from Monmouthshire Windows received 22 leads last month from our magazines.

Can I tempt you with a quote / fabulous offer for inclusion in any of our much loved magazines?  

I am now working on the XXX editions - delivered throughout XXX - and on deadline in about three weeks.

Look forward to hearing from you.




You can download the word document below with email tips and example mailshots that have worked for us:

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