Production Overview - Walk through From Initial Booking To Print Ready PDF

This video provides a walk through of MagManager from creating your initial booking to creating a print ready PDF ready to send to your printer.  If you want to check out a specifc topic check out the time stamps below



Time Stamp:

00.14 Client Screen
00.33 Bookings
01.04 Booking Email Confirmation
01.36 Invoicing
02.17 Emailing Invoice
02.59 Uploading Artwork
03.54 Placing Artwork on Flatplan
05.32 Layout Screen Settings Overview
07.34 Marking Pages as Complete
08.49 Adding MagManager Content
10.39 Advertisers Index
13.46 Marking all Pages as Complete
14.08 AutoPublish - Creating Print Ready PDF
15.10 Creating a Digital Flipbook
15.47 Code to Embed Flipbook on Website

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