Error Uploading Artwork - Too Many Images

How to resolve the problem if you receive the following error when uploading artwork to MagManager:


Unfortunately we could not upload this file because it contains too many images.

When we upload your PDF files we have to process all of the images contained in them.  MagManager only supports a maximum of 175 images for each PDF that you upload. Your file contains XXX images

This problem is often caused when the PDF is created using an older version of software.  If you cannot get the PDF recreated, save the file as a PNG and it will upload just fine**.


** provided the file is for a full page within the margins or smaller sized advert.


It's likely that your artwork contains Illustrator, Photoshop, Vector, .eps, or .svg files - make sure your designer saves these as JPG or PNG files before exporting the file as a PDF.


The problem is with the PDF file. The image or images within the PDF have been fragmented into 100's of tiny images by the application that produced the PDF file.  MagManager will support files containing up to 175 images if there are over that number in the PDF file you won't be able to upload it.   The notes below go into more detail of how you can analyze the file and steps to resolve the issue.



How To Analyze The File In Adobe Acrobat DC

Doing this will show you where the problem lies.

Open the file in Adobe Acrobat DC > Select Print Production > Preflight > PDF/X > Analyze.


A report similar to the one below will be displayed > Click the arrow beside Overview > Click the arrow beside Images > A full list of all the individual images in the file will be listed.




To see where the image is on the page > Click the image name > the image will be identified on the page with the blue markings.




Some more examples of how fragmented images are displayed:


mceclip4.png mceclip5.pngmceclip6.png

From that you'll be able to see which images have been fragmented.


Check The PDF Software & The Original File

As the information box explains the problem can sometimes be with your PDF creator/software.  In this case you may find you're using outdated software.  

You can determine the source application of a PDF in Adobe Acrobat DC by going to File> Properties> Description > Look in the Advanced section for the PDF Producer & PDF Version.  A quick google search will indicate if it's an old version of the software you are using.



To resolve the issue you need to save the original design file with current PDF software.  Ensuring that any Illustrator, Photoshop, Vector, .eps, or .svg files - are saved as JPG or PNG files before exporting the file as a PDF.


If the file is for a full page within the margins or smaller advert/content you can also save the original file as a PNG and upload that to MagManager.

NOTE: Saving the file as a PNG for a double page spread or full page with bleed will not work as MagManager requires the trimbox information contained within the PDF file to set the file across two pages.



The DPS below would not upload as it contained 2476 images.  The problem was with the bow, it had been added to the Indesign file as an illustrator image.  Once saved as a photoshop image, then added to the Indesign file and exported as PDF, the images reduced to under 175 and it uploaded without any problem.

If you have this problem with your artwork look for images with transparent background as that's likely where the problem lies.


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