Group Publications & Bookings


If you have multiple publications, setting them up into groups, allows you to book a client into multiple publications at the same time with just one click.

Groups should also be used in conjunction with Shared Sections on the Flatplan.  You can find more information on Shared Sections here.


Once you have created a group for your magazines, and you go onto create a new booking for a client, you will have the option to create a group or single booking.


How to create Publication Groups in MagManager

Go to system settings (cog) icon on the top right of the screen > Under Publications & Bookings  > Click Publications > Click the Publication Name of the first publication you want group together > Click the Defaults tab > In the Group field enter a code/identifier, for example ‘MV’ >  Click Save.

Tip – For the Group code - We usually name this using the first 2 letters of the master publication name.


Repeat the same process for all the publications you would like to group together. Entering the same code in the Group field for each set of publications.


You can create multiple groups but a magazine can only belong to one group.


To check the group is set up correctly. Go to your home screen and in the Publication list you will see the name of the ‘Grouped’ publications will have a prefix of the code - [MV] in the example below.




Clients Bookings

Now, when you enter a booking for a client on the Client Bookings screen you will see a blue box top right, indicating a ‘Group Booking’, if this is displayed, when you click the 'Click to Book' box to add a new booking in one of your ‘Grouped’ magazines, the green tick will appear in all of the magazines in that group.

In the example below we 'Clicked to book' April 2022 of Local Directory Ross and the green tick automatically appears in the Monnow Voice April 2022.


The next step is to click the green 'Complete booking' button and continue making the booking as normal.


 You can click the ‘Group Booking’ button to switch it to ‘Single Booking’ if you don’t want to make a booking in all of the ‘Grouped Magazines’.



NOTE: When you delete a group booking it will delete ALL bookings created in the group.

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