Creating PDF's from Adverts Designed in Publisher

Creating PDF's from Adverts designed in Publisher

When I converted all my adverts in Publisher to PDF files I set up a PDF output to match the advert sizes eg for a full page, half page, quarter page & eighth page.

The easiest way I found to add new PDF page sizes using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. (The other PDF creators, if I remember correctly didn't offer the option to add new sizes, or at least I couldn't find a way to do it at the time).


Steps To Create The PDF Page Size - To Make It Available As An Output
1 - Open the advert in publisher which you will have set up and designed to the exact advert size eg half page 132mm x 93mm > Select File > Select Print > Select Adobe PDF as the printer in the dropdown - click Properties
2 - Click add next to Adobe PDF page size
3 - Give it a name and add the dimensions of the advert - click add/modify.


Once you add the new PDF output sizes they will also available to use with other PDF creators such as PDF 995 & Primo PDF that you may have installed. 


Steps To Creae The PDF file From The Publisher Advert File

To create the PDF open the advert file in publisher > Select Print & select your PDF printer > Click properties and select one of your new sizes from the dropdown menu.  In Adobe PDF it's Adobe PDF Page Size or if using other PDF creaters it will likely say Paper/Output - Paper size > Finally select OK, OK & OK and it'll print the advert to the exact size - ready to upload to MagManager. 

For full pages set within the margin of the publication, half pages, quarter pages and eighth pages which require no bleed or crop marks it works perfectly.


Steps To Crop The PDF If It's The Wrong Size

Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat DC Pro> Select Edit PDF > Select Crop Pages > User cursor to draw around the edge of the advert > Double click inside the selected area > Click OK > Select File > Select Save As - to save the edited file > The file will be ready to upload to MagManager.

Don't worry if the dimensions are not exact. MagManager will scale the advert to fit.  If the aspect ratio is out by more than 10% MagManager will warn you when you 'preview with trim' the page from the flatplan and you can adjust if necessary.


For Adverts That Bleed -

Problems arise if the pdf has been saved without a trimbox.

If it's a full page advert with bleed and the PDF does not contain a trimbox - which is likely if it's been created from publisher then you have two options:

Before you start ensure there is a 3mm bleed within the design. 

1- You need to put the PDF into InDesign** and follow the steps below in order to export it with trimbox in place.

Open a blank document in InDesign 148 x 210 mm > Dropped the existing PDF onto the page >​ Documents Set Up bleed set as 3mm > Click File - Adobe PDF Presets - select [PDF/X-1a:2001] > Select Marks & Bleeds > Under Bleed - check the box for Cropmarks > Under Bleed & Slug - check the box for Use Document Bleed Settings > Export.

Upload the file in MagManager. Switch on the settings has cropmarks and has bleed > When you preview with trim you'll see it fits perfectly.

(**The instructions are for InDesign but you could use similar software).


2 - Open the file in Acrobat DC Pro and remove any white space and printers marks/text

Open the file > Click edit PDF > Click Crop Pages > Drag the cursor over the area of the page you want to keep > Double click within the area of the page you want to keep > Save the file

Upload Upload the file in MagManager. Keep the settings has cropmarks and has bleed switched off > From the flatplan hover over the page number and click layout > Turn on the AutoBleed setting > When you preview with trim you'll see it fits perfectly.

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