Creating a Digital Flipbook for Slave Publications that use Shared Sections

How to Create a digital flipbook by uploading a pdf. 

If you use Shared Sections across two or more magazines. you will need to upload the magazine PDF in order to create a digital version of the slave magazines.  

The embedded website and social media links are not created when you upload a PDF to create the digital flipbook.

From the flatplan overview select 'Auto Publish Options' then select Upload Pdf.

2.1 Uploading your PDF



From here, upload the pdf version of your publication.


Next, you’ll see this screen whilst your file is being uploaded:


Depending on how big your file is, this may take a while, so leave this window open until it’s been fully uploaded. It should upload successfully, however if you get a failed to upload message please get in contact with us!


2.2 Previewing & uploading to your website

When this is complete, on the left-hand side select ‘preview’ and it will bring up the digital version of your publication.



If you’re happy with the preview of your digital edition, you can select 'Auto Publish Options then ‘Get Digital Link’.


 Which will bring up a box of code that looks like this:


You can copy & paste this code straight into your website. It will also give you an icon of the front cover of your publication that displays on your website. The icon size will be 100px x 100px (you can find this in the code above, 3rd line down). If you want this to appear bigger or smaller on your website, you can simply edit the sizes from 100px to whatever size you desire.

You can also get a quick URL of your digital edition by going onto the preview of the publication, and copying the link from the browser address bar.





Digital FlipBook Open Rates


The digital flipbook open rates can be found by going to System Settings > Under Publications & Bookings> Select Publications > Click the publication name > From the issues tab you will see a column headed 'Flip Book Opens'.

Everytime the the link to the digital flipbook is clicked the number displayed will increase by 1.


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