Multi Currency Users - Converted Amount Does Not Appear on Bookings PDF Download

The converted figure on the booking screen is calculated on the fly for display on screen.  It's not pulled from a table in the database like the other data in the printed report. 

The following steps will allow you to add the converted data to the downloaded spreadsheet:

Download the report from the bookings screen as a excel spreadsheet > You may have to click a button to enable editing when you open the file.
> In the N6 field enter the following: =IF(LEFT(K6,1)="€",VALUE(K6)/1.162123,VALUE(K6))   (**see note at the end).
> Next drag the data in that column down to duplicate it all the way down the sheet (click on the green square bottom right of the cell & drag down).

> To add a grand total to the end of the colum enter: =Sum(N6:N117) (**see note at the end).
> You will also need to format the cells, so highlight column N, right click the mouse > select format cell > select currency and 2 decminal place > Click OK.
** Note
=IF(LEFT(K6,1)="€",VALUE(K6)/1.162123,VALUE(K6)) - 1.162123 is the exchange rate, so you would need to update that figure as required, when calculating the report.
=Sum(N6:N117) - N6 and N117 represent the cells that the data covers and will need to be updated to correspond to the number of lines of data in the file.

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