Can't Find A Client / Inactive Client

If you are having trouble finding a client it's likely that you have set them as inactive on the client details tab or you are misspelling their name.

TIP: A&B Pumbling is NOT the same as A and B Plumbing or A & B Plumbing.


To Find the client

Go to the Clients screen > Select the Inactive tab > Toggle the switch 'Show Inactive' to green. Any clients who have been marked as inactive on the client details tab will appear in the list with a green tick in the inactive column.


To update the inactive setting

From the clients screen above > Click on the client name > Click on the 'Client Details' tab > Scroll to the bottom, the 'Inactive' toggle switch will be red > Click the Inactive toggle switch to turn it off and click update to save.



Examples of when to set a client as inactive:

The client has passed away, the business has closed down, the owner moved away and you're never going to contact them again.

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