Adding A Logo To Your Document Templates

Uploading a Logo

Go to the main settings page > Under Admin > Select Document Templates > Select the document you wish to add the logo to > Click the area of the document you wish to add the image to > Click the Picture button on the editor tool bar > Click Choose Files and select the image file on your computer > Click Insert Image.




Images in MagManager email templates should be uploaded in their native size, ie although the template set up allows you to resize it in the preview, in real life the email may arrive with the logo the size you upload it - (this is down to how the receiving mail server handles images).

We recommends images be less than 50kb in size.



This means that if it looks right in the document template without you resizing it, then it will be fine in the actual email.

Rule of thumb: resize a jpeg or png logo to be between 200 and 300px wide. If it is very long and thin it might be 300px, but usually 240px words well.


 Some examples:


YourMag logo 240px


Tulip publications 260px


Here and now 180px. 



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