Using a VOIP Phone System with MagManager - RingCentral

MagManager is setup to work with VOIP phone systems, providing they use a Google Chrome extension.  This allows you to click to dial a client's phone number.

Where it is supported you'll see the RingCentral Icon appear when you hover over the phone number, as displayed below:



Instructions to Install the RingCentral Chrome Extension App

First install the RingCentral chrome extension app- their support website provides details on how to do that:


Next you need to authorise the RingCentral app - again their website provides details on how to do that:


Once you have installed and authorised the app, it will be ready to use.


Login to your MagManager account > Open a client record > When you hover over a phone number > The RingCentral icon will appear > Click the RingCentral telephone icon to automatically call the number or the speech bubble to send an SMS message to the client via RingCentral.


The name displayed on the caller display will come from the data saved within your RingCentral Account 



Incoming calls through the RingCentral for Google app will appear on screen in one of the following ways, ready for you to answer the call:

On a PC



Select Answer and the follow screen will appear



On a MAC





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