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Information you Need to get Started

Connecting Mailchimp with MagManager

Exporting to MailChimp

Trouble Shooting


You can link your MailChimp account to MagManager which allows you to export client data directly to Mail Chimp through their API.


Note: -  If you are using an existing FREE MailChimp account this only allows you to have one audience and it won't allow you to create a second audience - you'll either need to create a new MailChimp account or use a paid version.



Information you Need to get Started

Before connecting your Mailchimp account in MagManager you need to know your MailChimp API Key.


Open up your MailChimp account. Click onto your initial’s icon bottom left hand side of the screen > Click on Account & Billing > Click Extras dropdown arrow > Select API Keys > Your API key will be displayed. (screen show below for reference)


If an API Key is not displayed, click on 'Create A Key'.


This link provides additional help about API keys in MailChimp should you need it-



Connecting Mailchimp with MagManager

The next step is to add the API Key to your MagManager account.

In MagManager - Click the gear icon top right of the screen > Under the Settings heading - select System Defaults > In the bottom of the right hand column you'll see the fields for MailChimp Settings >  Add the API to the API Key field and enter a NEW Audience Name in the Default List Name field & Click Update. (Screen shot below for reference).

Note:  You should let MagManger create the Audience in MailChimp on the first import rather than importing to an existing audience.  This ensure's that the relevent Audience Fields & Merge Tags are automatically created in MailChimp.  



When the data is exported for the first time a new Audience will automatically be created in MailChimp with specific Audience Fields & Merge Tags which include the following data:

Email Address
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
MagManager ID
Company Name
MagManager Person ID
MagManager Assigned To


NOTE: Exporting to an existing MailChimp audience will not display the full data.  As the exported data from MagManager includes specific Audience Fields & Merge Tags.


Exporting to MailChimp

Once MailChimp is set up in system defaults you can start creating your client list to be exported straight into Mailchimp.

Start the process of creating the mailshot in the usual way by going to Reports > Create Mailshots > General Communication > Highlight all the boxes you want to search in order to create your client list and click search > Click Export to MailChimp > You must enter a tag name which will be added as a tag to your clients in MailChimp > Click Create Segment.



This link provides additional help on Creating Mailshots in MagManager should you need it-


'Export Queued' will appear briefly across the top of the screen.  This indicates that the data has been sent to MailChimp.  If you have exported a large number of contacts it will take a few minutes before they all appear in Mailchimp - as MailChimp validates each email address.



Back in MailChimp - Go to Audience - All Contacts > Choose your Audience from the dropdown box > To filter the audience based on the tag you have just imported click Filter by Tags and select the require tag.. Now you’re ready to create your email in MailChimp.


The link below will take you to MailChimp's Guides & Tutorials on creating a regular email in MailChimp.


Trouble Shooting:

If your data does not appear in MailChimp it is likely due to one of the following things:

1 - You are using a free account which allows you to have one audience and it won't allow you to create a second audience.

2- MailChimp checks the email addresses that are being imported, if there is a problem with an email address the client will not be imported.

3 - You have a paid MailChimp account but the data still won't transfer.  Trying changing the name of the MailChimp audience in MagManager (Default List Name field) to match your existing audience name in MailChimp, if the data transfers OK, we know the connection is working.  The next step is to contact MailChimp to have them check your account is set up to have more than one audience.  While sending it to an existing audience does import the main data it does not export the specific Audience Fields & Merge Tags which would update MagManager when a client unsubscribe from your MailChimp Emails.



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