Sales Pipelines

The sales pipelines in MagManager provides you with a visual overview of where your clients are in your sales process.  Allowing you to see at a glance where each client is, which allows you to plan what you need to do to process them from a prospect through to a sale.


Why Use MagManager’s Sales Pipeline?
To help you with tracking your leads and improve your sales process. 
You can see all your leads in a single view this make sure every lead is touched and can follow the ideal steps of your internal sales procedures.
It gives you a visual view of how your sales process is coming along. This gives you and your team a better sense of control on how your lead generation should flow, helping you handle each lead better and in a more efficient manner.
How it works:
This new screen will show your complete pipeline of current opportunities. Each stage in the sales cycle is represented by a column. The clients on the board represent your opportunities, and you move them left to right through the sales cycle.

How this helps sales:
The sales pipeline provides a clear picture of the health of the overall pipeline, highlighting where there are potential gaps (need to prospect), too much work in progress (need to prioritise), or blockages in the pipeline that may indicate an issue with the sales process itself.

We have designed it to be really simple to use and flexible to cover publishers who have a mixture of Monthly and Bimonthly magazines, from large teams to small publishers.


The video below provides a full overview of creating sales pipelines in MagManager.

NOTE: Pipelines will only appear in the top navigation bar AFTER you have created the first pipeline.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A client can only appear in ONE sales pipeline at a time, they can not appear in multiple sales pipelines.



Video Time stamp:

00.29 - Search Options to add clients to a pipeline
00.38 - Adding clients based on Last Booking search (Last Issue June 2021) search to a new pipeline
02.25 - Adding clients based on Company Flag search (Page 3) to an existing pipeline
03.37 - Adding clients based on Sections search (Food) to an existing pipeline
04.29 - Adding clients based on Last Booking search(February 2021) search to an existing pipeline
05.12 - Adding prospects to an existing pipeline
06.08 - Adding clients on an existing list to an existing pipeline
06.41 - Overview of the pipeline board
06.53 - Searching for clients on a pipeline
07.12 - Provisional sales figure
07.17 - Confirmed sales figure
07.20 - Clear clients cards from pipeline
07.35 - Viewing other pipelines
07.47 - Adding an individual client to a pipeline list
08.06 - Deleting an individual client from a pipeline list
08.20 - Client cards - overview of the icons and colours on each card - (see image below)
10.34 - Using the pipeline - moving client cards from list to list
12.39 - Action icons - how to edit these in contact types
13.15 - Adding new contact types
13.34 - Pipeline settings - Delete a pipeline
14.13 - Pipeline settings - Editing a pipeline


UPDATES: it is now possible to add clients to a List and Pipeline from the Client Details tab.


You can sort the order of the client cards on the pipeline, based on Company Name or Action Due Date.

2023-12-28 11 00 38 pipeline sort order.png 

You can also choose a client list directly from the Mailshot search by clicking on Client Lists and choosing the list from the dropdown box.


Overview of The Client Cards

Actions form an important part of the sales pipelines - for more information on actions click the links below:

Note: In order for an action to appear on the pipeline it must be set up as a 'Sales Action'.  Ensure that the 'Sales Action' setting is selected for the 'Contact Type' which can be found in the main settings screen under Customers & Actions



How to Add a New List to a Pipeline

Click the link below:


How to Delete a Pipeline

Click the cog wheel to enter the main settings page > Under Publications & Bookings > Select Pipelines > Select the pipeline you want to delete and click the red Delete button.

Note: only pipelines with 0 card will show the delete button.




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