Email Reply Is Not In My Inbox

If your client has replied to a system email and it appears in notifications & the client timeline but you have not received a copy of the email into your inbox, It's likely due to a combination of how your mailserver authenticates incoming emails and how your clients have DMARC set up on their domain.  Both of these things are outside of MagManager's control.  Always check your junk/spam folder as your mail server may have routed the emails there. (see full explaination below).

All email replies** will appear on the client timeline and in notifications, before being forwarded to the user email account.  So we always recommend you keep an eye on notifications when sending system emails from MagManager, as the reply will always appear there.
** (Providing the client has replied from the email address you sent the email to or they reply from another email address that is listed on the client contacts tab).


Note: If the client forwards the email and/or replies from an email address that is NOT listed on their client record, the reply will NOT appear in notifications or the client timeline, as MagManager is unable to match the reply to a client.  

System emails are: booking confirmations, artwork emails, invoices & mailshots.

Things you can do: mark, and your client's email addresses as safe senders in your email system.

Full Explanation:
The way MagManager works is that the replies from system emails come into from the client.  Providing the client replies from an email address listed on the client record, the email reply then gets placed on the Client Timeline & Notifications. MagManager then takes the original email and forwards it to you on behalf of the person who sent it.

This means that MagManager is effectively sending the original email on behalf of the client but NOT using their email servers. What do we mean by this...
Lets say a client sends a reply email from to (this being the reply email address on the system emails you send from MagManager).

The MagManager mail server picks up the email because it's come to
MagManager then looks up '' in your MagManager account and matches it to one of your clients.

Once it matches with the client, it adds the reply to their timeline & notifications.

Then the MagManger server sends the email to your real email pretending to be from It does it like this so that when you reply to the email, the message goes back to the client and NOT to MagManager.

The server hosting your email then does some checks to see if the email is legitimate. All servers do this but some have tougher checks than others. 



As an example, let's look at an reply email that's come from

So MagManager is forwarding the reply to your email address pretending to be It talks to your email server and says I'd like to send an email from this person.

Your mail server says - OK can you just tell me your IP address please?
MagManager: Sure it's (or whatever it is)
Your mail server: OK let me just check that ....

Your mail server then does a lookup in the DNS directory for and gets this:
v=spf1 mx ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ?all

Which looks like gobbledigook, but it is actaully a list of email addresses that are ALLOWED to send from The MagManager email address isn't in there. So it looks at the last bit '?all'. Which tells it what to do with anything that isn't in the list, the answer in this case is to question further, hence the '?all'.

So it then goes and looks at something called DMARC which people setup on their domain.  If you look that up for you may get p=quarantine or p=none.  Now it's this bit specifically that is telling your mail server what to do with the email.  If it has p=quarantine the email will get quarantined at the first check, if it has p=none, the email will get through because their domain says the action is to do nothing.

As you can see there are a lot of things at play here, but this goes some way to explain why some replies may not get through to your inbox.  Which is likely that it was blocked by your mail server or due to the DMARC setting on the clients domain.  For that reason we always recommend you check the notifications (bell icon) for replies when you send out system emails.  As well as checking your junk/spam folder.


Things you can do are mark, and your client's email addresses as safe senders in your email system.


There is also the option of using your own mail server rather than the MagManager mail server to send emails.  You can find out more about it in the link below:


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