Emailing from MagManager

Sending emails using MagManager - Booking Confirmations, Invoices, Mailshots etc

These emails are send via the MagManager mail server.
A record of emails sent this way will show up in the client timeline and notifications (bell icon top right of the navigation bar).
Mailshots are sent from and booking confirmations, invoices etc are sent from
When the client clicks reply, the reply comes back into the MagManager mail server and will also show up in:
1 - Notifications (Bell icon top right of the navigation bar).
2 - Timeline tab (On the clients page) - see note below. 
3 - Personal email account - The MagManager mail server forwards the reply to the personal email account of the person who was logged into MagManager and sent the email.
The reply from the client will appear on the timeline, providing the client replies by clicking the reply button on the email and sends it from an email address on their client record.  (If they reply from any other email address MagManager won’t be able to pick it up).  This can happen if the client forwards the email to someone else to respond to or they reply to you from a different email address.

(Note: if you send a test email make sure the address you are sending it to is NOT already being used as a MagManager login.)

System emails send via MagManager will show the from email address as eg Your Company Ltd via MagManager.
It isn’t possible to change “via MagManager” on emails as it's sent via MagManager servers.

Emailing an Individual client

See full notes:

You can send an email from the individual client record page by clicking on their email address. 

mceclip0.pngMagManger is providing a 'Mail To' link, that opens up your email client, such as Outlook or Mac Mail and sends the email directly from there and NOT through the MagManager mail server.   

MagManager will add a Bcc email address which copies the email you send to the client timeline. 

However (unlike emails sent out directly from MagManager), the replies do NOT appear in MagManager.  Replies will only appear in your email inbox.


Create email from Client Email Tab



Emails sent via the Create Email tab are send via MagManger and NOT the user's email client.

The user needs to be set as an Admin for the create email button to appear on the client email tab


Tips on creating emails

We would recommend:
1 Avoid using large images in email messages. We recommend keeping images sizes below 50kb with a dimension of 250 to 300 pixels in their native size.
2 Don't bcc yourself as this doubles the emails being sent.
3 Try sending the emails in smaller batches of around 200.
4 For marketing emails we would advise having an unsubscribe link on there.  Here is a link to the notes on setting this up:

5 If MagManager times out while sending your emails, you can view a list of the emails that have been sent by going to System Settings > Under Settings > Select Email Logs > Sort in date order to see the last email sent.  You can also filter by entering the name of the email in the search box.
There isn't a way to check open rates.  You would need to look at a dedicated bulk email provider such as MailChimp or other alternatives for that.  MagManger integrates with Mailchimp through their API. link to notes below:
While we use tools to ensure the best delivery rates we can, unfortunately the one aspect MagManager has no control over is how the receiving email server handles the incoming message. That's controlled by the clients email server.




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